Welcome in Galeria Pension, Sárvár! Our latest action:

Please, let us introduce our pension, the Galéria Pension in Sárvár. You're assured of a warm welcome and flawless, familiar service.

The perfectly located pension is situated in the heart of Sárvár. The sights of Sárvár’s are on your doorstep. Pension is surrounded by historic building as timeless Nádasdy Castle and Museum. Local shops, restaurants can be reached immediatelly.

We hope that we can welcome you in our pension in the future!

Major informations!

Chek in – check out: The acceptance of the pension rooms is from 14 until o'clock possible, on the travel day have the guests to leave the room until 11 o'clock.

Parking: There is a parking place besides of the pension, which is observed by a camera and closed with an automatic barrier.

Cancelling of a reservation: The room can be cancelled 5 days before arriving without contract punishment. If you cancel the reservation after this time you have to pay the first night as contract punishment, if the guests would like to leave earlier as reserved, all previously reserved nights will be charged.


Welcome to Sárvár!

Sárvár, one of the prettiest town of shire Vas is located next to route 84, in an idyllic environment on the Rába bank. The visitors are awaited by the middle-age Caste Nádasdy, the botanical garden rich of rare plants and many other cultural historical relics. The punter lake consisting of seven lakes, the Rába bank, the Wildgarden and the countryside with woods and groves have sights in store for all age groups. The sycamore trees in the park established in the place of the moat accompany the passer-bys to the entrance of the Arboretum to be found next to the castle. The street front of the plant garden looking back to a great history does not show much of the almost 10 acre nature conservation area. Getting to know the more than hundred special genuses means relaxation for hours for visitors. The artificial lakes nourished by the stream Gyöngyös and the statues along the promenades enrich the excursion in the garden.

Many cultural programs enhance the appeal of the town: international folklore- and brass festivals, History Days, fair entertainment and many concerts. The town does not only abound in cultural and architectural relics. Six kilometers from Sárvár town the region's unique sports-centre can be found, the Pannónia Ring, where international motor and car-races are held for amateurs as well as for professionals.

Short summary from Pension!

  • 9 cousy room with double-, three-, or fourbed facilities
  • absolute central situation,
  • one step, easy booking by phone or e-mail (advance payment is not requested, cancallation is free)
  • closed and free parking facility (remote control is ensured),
  • free wifi for guests 10 Mbyt/sec
  • green inner area help to relax,
  • many programme facilities near Pension (10 hektáros arboretum).